About Leigh

The late Leigh Koerbel, coauthored this Bible study with Debra Jones when we realized the great need to reach out to men struggling with post-abortion trauma.  He traveled, wrote, and spoke with me (his wife Pam) for many years.  Leigh never had involvement with abortion until he met me. He was not the father of my aborted baby.  Yet, Leigh lovingly and graciously consented to help me in the work of Post Abortion Ministires (PAM), which we co-founded in 1989.  We were married 38 years when Leigh died suddenly on September 27, 2010.

About Pam

Once upon a time a girl fell in love.  Together she and her boyfriend created a new life.  The boyfriend did not want the girl or the unborn baby.  After much tears and discussion, the girl aborted the unborn baby at 23 weeks gestation.  He was a perfectly formed little boy.  She was one of the first to take "advantage" of the new law in New York State that made abortions legal until the 24th week.  That decision changed the girl forever.

I am that girl.  My name is Pam Koerbel.  I am now 69 years old.  From 1983 through 2001, I wrote, spoke, and taught workshops on post-abortion trauma.  My focus was and is always on the fact that God can and will forgive each and every sin, including abortion.  Over the years, I've heard from many, many people who have been helped by my books, articles, brochures, and workshops.  I am in the process of reformatting all my writings in order to make them available on my websites.

Eventually you will have free access to booklets (for instance, on grieving), Bible studies (for men and women), a variety of brochures, and my books.  Please see link to left, which will allow access to other post-abortion materials once they are online.

Please know that God loves you and I love you.  There is hope.  

                                                           Because God's grace IS sufficient,
                                                           Pam Koerbel (Proverbs 3:5-6)


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