Leaving the rocky terrain of abortion’s aftermath is as easy as taking hold of Jesus’ guiding hand.  It is our hope that you have allowed our Lord to put your experiences into His perspective.  You can fully trust Christ’s sole sufficiency to forgive you, cleanse your conscience, and purify you.


Like the dawn, God’s grace shines.  Embracing love, patience, and mercy brings comfort.  So does His majesty.  Let us be mature in our views and respect not only the mercy of our King, but His power and justice as well.  God is not a pushover.


Some mistakenly view our Lord as some kind of heavenly magician who waves a wand of grace to make willful rebellion vanish.  This is not who our God is.  This is not what He does.  To lead us from the dry lands of disobedience, God always does what is necessary even if it means exposing the selfish, hidden things held up in the sleeves of our own deceit.


Guidance comes sometimes with a gentle touch, sometimes with painful discipline.  Both come to produce righteousness in us.  As servants of the most-high God, we most enjoy the lavish love, attention, and concern from our Master.  We also enjoy the great freedom that is ours out of obedience to His Word.  It has a wonderful, liberating effect.  Trying times, however, stretch our faith in God.  Will you look beyond circumstances and trust Him?  Will you walk ¾ really walk ¾ by faith and not by sight?


There will be scores of decisions to make along the path of life.  Determine that your every decision will be pleasing in the eyes of God, rather than right in your own eyes.  Fit yourself with clothes of righteousness in order to withstand fiery ordeals.  When you are tempted by the evil one, take the holy escape route that God provides.  When your flesh cries out to have its own way, crucify it by choosing the way of Truth.  When a Goliath-sized trial stares you in the eye, stare right back with faith that knows God is teaching you patience and endurance.


We pray you will have a vital, ever-growing relationship with Jesus.  Please, hold fast to His commands and faithfully serve Him.

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